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            公共英語三級 寫作起始句——圖畫描述法

            發布于 2018-04-03 16:30  編輯:Candice



            As is shown/described in the pictures above, we can see clearly that a flower, with the protection from the heavy rain, grows very well in a green house. But once removed the protection and exposed to the bitter weather, it withers and fades.

            In the picture, we can see clearly that all of the men are working together to build a house. Without their combined effort, the house would be unlikely to be completed. This is a kind of teamwork spirit that is highly valued in today’s society.

            The primary purpose of this picture lies in the criticism of the moral degradation.

            It goes without saying that the drawings aim at revealing a common and serious problem in China: how to educate and cultivate the young.

            The cartoon features a man who looks fat, wealthy and edacious.

            What the drawing is trying to express is very conspicuous.

            A first glance at this cartoon tells us that a matchmaker is attempting to create a sense of crush between a man and a woman.

            The picture describes an increasingly common scenario in today’s world.

            Almost everybody who lives in the urban areas of China is familiar with the phenomenon shown in this picture.

            This is a very thought-provoking picture. / The cartoon reveals a very thought-provoking scene. / This is quite an extraordinary and meaningful picture.

            It is a very alarming cartoon, in which hundreds of new-born babies are crying for food but there are only two bowls of porridge available.

            The title of the picture further points out that to read books means to enlighten and development our thoughts with the help of other’s thinking.

            This picture describes the scene of…

            The cartoon reveals an astonishing scenario that…

            The cartoon features the sharp contrast between…

            The picture presents an interesting scenario occurring in…

            It goes without saying that this picture aims at revealing a current problem:

            It is a very eye-catching photo in which…

            The drawing portrays a tragic scene in which…

            In the picture, we are amazed to find that …

            Basically, what we see in this cartoon is…

            As the caption points out …

            The picture depicts …

            As is suggested by the picture …