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            公共英語三級 寫作句型(二)

            發布于 2018-04-03 15:55  編輯:Candice

            公共英語三級 寫作必備句型(二)

            十三、..... enable + Object(受詞)+ to + V (..使..能夠..)

            例句:Listening to music enable us to feel relaxed.

            十四、On no account can we  + V ..... (我們絕對不能...)

            例句:On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge.

            十五、It is time + S + 過去式 (該是...的時候了)

            例句:It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic problems.

            十六、Those who ..... (...的人...)

            例句:Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished.

            十七、There is no one but ..... (沒有人不...)

            例句:There is no one but longs to go to college.

            十八、be + forced/compelled/obliged + to + V (不得不...)

            例句:Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to give up doing sports.

            十九、It is conceivable that + 句子 (可想而知的)

            It is obvious that + 句子 (明顯的)

            It is apparent that + 句子 (顯然的)

            例句It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our life.

            二十、That is the reason why ..... (那就是...的原因)

            例句:Summer is sultry. That is the reason why I don’t like it.

            二十一、For the past  + 時間,S + 現在完成式...(過去...年來,...一直...)

            例句:For the past two years, I have been busy preparing for the examination.

            二十二、Since + S + 過去式,S + 現在完成式。

            例句:Since he went to senior high school, he has worked very hard.

            二十三、It pays to + V ..... (...是值得的。)

            例句:It pays to help others.

            二十四、be based on (以...為基礎)

            例句:The progress of thee society is based on harmony.

            二十五、Spare no effort to + V (不遺余力的)

            例句:We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.