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            • 試題題型【閱讀理解】

                The United States covers a large part of the North American continent. Its neighbors are Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Although the United States is a big country, it is not the largest in the world. In 2000, its population was over 222 million.

                When this land first became a nation, after winning its independence from England, it had thirteen states. Each of the states was represented on the American flag by a star. All these states were in the eastern part of the continent. As the nation grew toward the west, new states were added and new stars appeared on the flag. For a long time, there were 48 stars. In 1959, however, two more stars were added to the flag, representing the new states of Alaska and Hawaii.

                Indians were the first people of the land which is now the United States. There are still many thousands of Indians now living in all parts of the country. Sometimes it is said that the Indians are “the only real Americans”. Most Americans come from all over the world. Those who came first in greatest numbers to make their homes on the eastern coast of North America were mostly from England. It is for that reason that the language of the United States is English and that its culture and customs are more like those of England than those of any other country in the world.

            1.[單選題]Which of the following is TRUE?
            • A.America is the largest country in the world
            • B.The United States lies next to Canada and Mexico
            • C.America covers most part of the North American continent
            • D.Mexico is to the north of Canada
            • 解題思路:以下選項哪個是正確的? 美國鄰近加拿大和墨西哥。
            2.[單選題]Why is English the language of America?
            • A.Because English is the native language of the Indians
            • B.Because most Americans come from all over the world
            • C.Because Canada is America’s nearest neighbor
            • D.Because most of the people who first settled in America were from England
            • 解題思路:為什么美國的國語是英語?因為大多數的的人誰第一定居在美國是從英格蘭。
            3.[單選題]The United States didn’t have ______ states until ________.
            • A.thirteen; 1959
            • B.fifty; 1959
            • C.fifty; this land first became a nation
            • D.fifty;1964
            • 解題思路:美國在1959年前沒有50個星星。五十;1959。
            4.[單選題]After winning its independence, the United States _________.
            • A.had nothing to do with England
            • B.made India part of its land
            • C.mainly developed westward
            • D.took over parts of Canada and Mexico
            • 解題思路:在贏得了獨立之后,美國向西發展。 主要向西開。
            5.[單選題]The best title for the passage is “ _________”.
            • A.the States of America
            • B.The language of America
            • C.The United States of America
            • D.The Culture and Customs of America
            • 解題思路:這篇文章最好的標題是美利堅合眾國。美利堅合眾國。
            • 參考答案:B,D,B,C,C