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            • 所屬考試大學英語四級試題庫
            • 試題題型【閱讀理解 Section C】
                 We can see how the product life cycle works by looking at the introduction of instant coffee. When it was introduced, most people did not like it as well as "regular" coffee, and it took several years to gain general acceptance (introduction stage). At one point, though, instant coffee grew rapidly in popularity, and many brands were introduction (stage of rapid growth). After a while, people became attached to one brand and sales leveled off (stage of maturity). Sales went into a slight decline (衰退) when freeze-dried coffees were introduced ( stage of decline).
              The importance of the product life cycle to marketers is this: Different stages in the product life cycle call for different strategies. The goal is to extend product life so that sales and profits do not decline. One strategy is called market modification. It means that marketing managers look for new users and marked sections: Did you know, for example, that the backpacks that so many students carry today were originally designed for the military?
              Market modification also means searching for increased usage among present customers or going for a different market, such as senior citizens. A marketer may reposition the product to appeal to new market sections.
              Another product extension strategy is called product modification. It involves changing product quality, features, or style to attract new users or more usage from present users. American auto-manufacturers are using quality improvement as one way to recapture world market. Note, also, how auto-manufacturers once changed styles dramatically from year to year to keep demand from falling.
            1.[單選題]Marketers need to know which of the four stages a product is in so as to _____.
            • A.promote its production
            • B.work out marketing policies
            • C.speed up its life cycle
            • D.increase its popularity
            • 解題思路:細節題。市場營銷員需要知道產品現在處在哪一個發展階段,第二段首句:產品的生命周期對營銷員的重要性在于:產品不同階段,要采用不同的營銷策略,因此B項為本題答案。
            2.[單選題]The author mentions the example of "backpacks" (Line 5, Para.2) to show the importance of _____.
            • A.pleasing the young as well as the old
            • B.increasing usage among students
            • C.exploring new market sections
            • D.serving both military and civil needs
            • 解題思路:細節推斷題。上句說市場調整,是指銷售經理尋找新的客戶,開發新的市場。下文說原文為軍人設計的某種用品現在轉用到學生身上,這展示了尋找新的客戶和開發新市場的重要性。C項正是開發新的市場這個意思,故C為答案。
            3.[單選題]According to the passage, when people grow fond of one particular brand of a product, its sales will _____.
            • A.decrease gradually
            • B.remain at the same level
            • C.become unstable
            • D.improve enormously
            • 解題思路:細節題。此題實質上是詞義題,依據第一段倒數第2句:people became attached to one brand and sales leveled off(stage of maturity). Sales went into as light decline...過了一段時間之后,人們開始被某一種牌子的產品所吸引,銷售開始進入成熟期,leveled off平穩,穩定,即沒有大的波動。這與B項一致。
            4.[單選題]The first paragraph tells us that a new product is _____.
            • A.The first paragraph tells us that a new product is _____.
            • B.often inferior to old ones at first
            • C.often more expensive than old ones
            • D.usually introduced to satisfy different tastes
            • 解題思路:推斷題。這是對第一段結論的推斷,第一段敘述了一個新的產品所經歷的四個階段,構成了產品的壽命,由引進—發展—成熟—衰退,不同階段要有不同的營銷策略,說明一種新的產品要得到人的接受,認可,成熟,衰退,若干年的時間,其道路不是一帆風順,A項概括了作者的這種意圖,故A為答案。
            5.[單選題]In order to recover their share of the world market, U.S. auto-makers’ are _____.
            • A.improving product quality
            • B.increasing product features
            • C.modernizing product style
            • D.repositioning their product in the market
            • 解題思路:細節推斷題。依據:文章末尾說,美國汽車制造商正采用提高質量,作為重新奪回世界市場的一種方法。這與A項同義,故A為答案。
            • 參考答案:B,C,B,A,A