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            • 試題題型【閱讀理解】

              The residents of 24 Acacia Grove were dissatisfied with the condition of the property, so John Preston called a meeting to discuss things last week. At the meeting John suggested setting up a residents’ committee. Everyone was so worried and angry about the agent’s inactivity that they agreed, and they elected John as chairman of the committee. Many residents said that they were tired of telephoning the agent and tired of complaining about the flats. Although the agent was responsible for the flats, they thought that he didn’t do enough. Therefore John was asked to write to the agent and say that they were disappointed with the management of the flats.

              The next service payment was due at the end of the month. However, they agreed not to pay it until they were happy with the plans to improve the property. They decided to tell the agent that he must start the work within one month. They all went away very pleased with themselves.

            1.[單選題]Why did John Preston call a meeting last week?
            • A.Because the residents were dissatisfied with the presents’ committee
            • B.Because the residents were dissatisfied with the bad management of the flats
            • C.Because some residents requested to change the present residents’ committee
            • D.Because he wanted to become chairman of the committee
            • 解題思路:上周John為何召開會議?因為居民們對公寓條件不滿意。
            2.[單選題]What does the word “inactivity” mean in the thrid sentence in Para.1?
            • A.weakness
            • B.Progress
            • C.State
            • D.Lace of actions
            • 解題思路:第一段第三句中“inactivity”一詞是什么意思?缺少動作。
            3.[單選題]What does the word “due” mean in the first sentence in Para.2?
            • A.to be paid
            • B.Proper
            • C.Owed
            • D.large
            • 解題思路:第二段第一句中“due”一詞是什么意思?到期支付。
            4.[單選題]Who elected John as chairman of the committee?
            • A.The agent
            • B.the residents
            • C.the committee
            • D.Acacia Grove
            • 解題思路:解析:誰推選John為委員會主席?居民們。
            5.[單選題]When did they agree to pay the next service payment ?
            • A.at the end of the month
            • B.Within one month
            • C.When they were happy with the plans to improve the property
            • D.The agent would tell them
            • 解題思路:他們一致決定何時付服務費?直到房東代理制定出令人滿意的改善計劃。
            • 參考答案:B,D,A,B,C