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            • 所屬考試公共英語三級試題庫
            • 試題題型【閱讀理解 Section B】
            Mr Mike Smith:
            It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve been asking for a decent wage for years. Now at last people are beginning to listen to us. We’re only asking for a 25 percent increase in our wages. 250 dollars a week. That’s all. It’s pity so many people have to be inconvenienced by our strike. But please don’t blame us. Blame the government for refusing our claim.
            Mr Tom Brown:
            It’s totally unreasonable to demand so much money when we are trying desperately to control inflation. If wages go up, so do prices. If we gave in to the electricity workers, all the other unions would want more, with the inevitable result that the crisis would become uncontrollable. What we’re trying to impress upon everybody is that inflation hurts everybody, especially the poor people. We offer the electricity workers a 10 percent increase. And that’s already too much. My stand at this meeting will be to persuade the Union to see reason.
            Mr Bob Davis:
            Everybody will be hurt by this strike, including the electricity workers themselves. The economy will be destroyed and many people will lose their jobs. Already people are saying that the big unions have too much power and shouldn’t be allowed to strike. Of course the electricity want to get more money. Don’t we all
            Mr Baker:
            My opinion is "Get the Army in". All the power stations should be managed by the army. The strikers should be thrown into prison. That’s what this country needs. Why must we all suffer just because a few men are greedy If they don’t like their jobs, nobody’s forcing them to work. They should try and live on 50 dollars a week like I have to. Perhaps they’d keep their mouths shut then.
            Miss Slater:
            Let’s face it. It’s neither here nor there. The electricity workers are in a strong position. Perhaps we can’t do anything about it. What I say is: let them have their 250 dollars so we can return to work. I mean, the government wastes the taxpayers’ money all the time on trivial things. How can anyone say 250 dollars is "too much" Pop singers get more. Nurses get less. It’s just one of those things.

            Now match each of the persons (36 -40)to the appropriate statement.

              Note: there are two extra statements.


              36. Mr. Mike Smith

              37. Mr. Tom Brown

              38. Mr. Bob Davis

              39. Mrs. Baker

              40. Miss Slater

            A. A 10% increase is already too much, and I' m here to persuade the Union to see reason.

            B. I hope that strikes should be banned in all sectors relaring to the nation'

            C. We will never go back to work until our goals are achieved.

            D. I think that the government should give in to the electricity worker's demands.

            E. I strongly suggest that all the power stations should be run by the army and that the strikers should be put into prison.

            F. I must make you clear that strikes will destroy the economy and that many people will lose their jobs.

            G. We are forced to call a strike because the government rejected our wage claim.

              • 解題思路:貝克夫人:我的意見是“動用軍隊”。所有的電廠都該由軍隊管理。把那些罷工者都投進監獄里,這才是這個國家應該做的。為什么我們大家要因為幾個貪婪的人受罪呢?要是他們不喜歡自己的工作,沒人會強迫他們干活兒。他們應該試著像我一樣每周靠50美元生活。沒準兒那時候他們就會閉嘴了。
                • 解題思路:麥克?史密斯先生:我們并不是輕易決定要這么做的,這么多年來我們一直在要求一個合理的工資。現在終于有人開始注意聽我們講話了.我們僅僅希望能把工資提高25%,提高到每周250美元,僅此而已。我們的罷工給這么多人帶來不便,對此我們也很遺憾。但是請不要責怪我們,要怪就怪政府巴,是政府拒絕我們的請求。
                  • 解題思路:斯萊特小姐:大家來面對問題吧!這是個無關緊要的事情。電廠工人處于強勢地位.我們也許真的對此無能為力。我想說的是:給他們250美元吧,我們就可以回去工作了。我的意思是,政府一直都在一些微不足道的小事上浪費納稅人的錢。怎么能說250美元“太多”呢?流行歌手們賺的多些.護士們賺的少些,這不過是其中一例而已。
                    • 解題思路:湯姆?布朗先生:在我們正竭盡全力地控制通貨膨脹的時候,他們卻要這么多錢。真是不可理喻。工資提高了,物價也會跟著提高的。要是我們答應電廠工人的要求,其他工會就會要得更多,無法避免的結果就是這次的危機會失控。我們想讓大家都明白:通貨膨脹會危害每一個人,尤其是窮人。我們同意給電廠工人加薪10%,這已經是很多了。我主張通過這次會談使工會的人理智地面對問題。
                      • 解題思路:鮑勃?戴維斯先生:這次罷工將會傷害每個人的利益,也包括那些電廠工人自己。國家經濟會受到沖擊,許多人將失業。現在就已經有人說各大工會擁有的權力過大,并且不該有罷工的權力。電廠工人想要更多的錢,誰不想呢?
                      • 參考答案:A,G,D,A,F