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            • 所屬考試大學英語六級試題庫
            • 試題題型【閱讀理解 Section C】

                There he was America's first President with an MBA, the man who loves to boast about his business background, whose presidential campaign raised unprecedented sums from corporate wallets and whose cabinet is stuffed with chief executives.Faith in the integrity of American business leaders was being undermined( 破壞), George Bush said fiercely, by executives "breaching trust and abusing power".It was time for "a new ethic of personal responsibility in the business community".He was going to "end the days of cooking the books, shading the truth and breaking our laws".
                Only months ago, the idea that George W.Bush would publicly lambaste America's cooperate bosses was laughable.As a candidate, born on the wave of a decade-long economic boom and an unprecedented 18-year bull market, he cashed in on American's love affair with corporate success.But things are different now.The stock market bubble has burst and, despite signs of economic recovery.Wall Street seems to be sunk in gloom.A string of scandals at some of America's most high-flying firms--including Enron, Xerox,Tyco, Global Crossing and most recently, World Corn has radically changed the public mood.
                As political pressure for reform increases, so too does the heat on Mr.Bush.Is the businessman's president really prepared to take business on and push hard for reform? Despite the set jaw and aggrieved tone in New York, probably not.Mr.Bush thinks the current crisis stems from a few bad-apple chief executives rather than the system as a whole.Hence he focuses on tough penalties for corrupt businessmen and his plea for higher ethical standards.The president announced the creation of a financial-crimes SWAT team, at the Justice Department to root out corporate fraud and to double the maximum prison sentence for financial fraud from five to ten years.But he offered few concrete suggestions for systemic reform: little mention of
            changes to strengthen shareholders' rights, not even an endorsement of the Senate corporate-reform bill.
                There are few signs yet that cleaning up corporate America is an issue that animates the voters.Polls show that Americans have little faith in their business leaders, but politicians do not seem to be suffering asa result.Mr.Bush's approval ratings have fallen from their sky-highs, but they are still very strong.
                The president, therefore, needs do no more than talk tough. This alone will convince ordinary Americans that he is on top of the issue.As the economy rebounds and public outrage subsides, the clamor for change will be quieter.Democratic attacks will fizzle, and far-reaching reform bills will be watered down before they become law.Politically, the gamble makes sense.Unfortunately for American capitalism, a great opportunity, will be missed. 

            1.[單選題]The author's attitude towards the reform is___________.
            • A.indifferent
            • B.optimistic
            • C.skeptical
            • D.favorable
            • 解題思路:推理題。文章的最后一段講,隨著經濟回暖,對改革的呼聲會越來越弱。但對美國的資本主義來講,卻錯失了個好機會。從中可以看出.作者是很希望改革的,他是贊同改革的。
            2.[單選題]The phrase "a great opportunity" mentioned in the last paragraph refers to an opportunity to
            • A.carry out reform
            • B.boom economy
            • C.animate the voters
            • D.attack chief executive
            • 解題思路:細節分析題。文章的最后一句話提到“將會錯失絕好的機會”,這個機會往回指進行改革。所以A為正確選項。
            3.[單選題]According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
            • A.Bush had to offer concrete suggestions for reform as political pressure increased.
            • B.At present, the maximum prison sentence for financial fraud is five years.
            • C.It is laughable that Mr.Bush publicly attacked America's corporate bosses.
            • D.Americans have little faith in their business as well as political leaders.
            • 解題思路:細節判斷題。選項B出現在文章的第三段。段尾講,如果因經濟欺詐而坐牢,將使最長的刑期加倍.從5年增加到l0年。由此可以判斷當前商業欺詐最長的刑期是5年。
            4.[單選題]Which of the following statements about Mr.Bush is mentioned in this passage?
            • A.Mr.Bush is the second President with an MBA in American history.
            • B.Mr.Bush contributes a lot to decade-long economic boom.
            • C.Mr.Bush's approval ratings are still high.
            • D.Mr.Bush didn't get support in his presidential campaign.
            • 解題思路:細節推理題。選項c出現在文章的第四段。段末講到Mr.Bush的支持率明顯下降,但還是有很多人支持他。這說明Mr.Bush的支持率雖有下降,但還是很高。
            5.[單選題]We can infer from Paragraph 3 that Mr.Bush____________.
            • A.didn't intend to take business on and push hard for reform
            • B.did not do anything at all for the presence of the current situation
            • C.took shareholders' right into account, but he didn't approve reform bill
            • D.took some measures to pave the way for the reform
            • 解題思路:細節題。根據題干,考生可鎖定文章的第三段。段首講道:這位企業家總統真的 準備好與商業較量,嚴格推行改革了嗎?然在紐約他緊咬牙關,語氣堅決,但很有可能他不會推行改革。由此可以判斷,他無意推行改革。
            • 參考答案:D,A,B,C,A